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  • WAG meets online the first Wednesday of every month via Collaborate web conferencing solution).
    • Closed captioning provided
    • Collaborate Accessibility information.
  • To attend live sessions, please join the WAG Listserv (link forthcoming)
  • All are welcome to access session recordings; links provided below

Recording Links (2016, upcoming)

  • WAI-ARIA: Intro to Accessible Dynamic Web Content
    • Presenter: Janet Sylvia, WAG Leader
    • Guest Speakers: Adelle Frank (Web Developer Manager Senior at Georgia Institute of Technology); and Casey Gordon (Web Developer at the University of Georgia, FACS)

Recording Links 2015

  • 10 Tips for Applying WCAG 2.0 to Mobile Websites
    • Presenter: Janet Sylvia, WAG Leader
  • The Changing Legal Landscape of Video in Higher Education
    • Presenters: Dr. Kevin Erler and Art Morgan of Automatic Sync Technologies
  • Accessible Knowledge: the Opportunities and Challenges of MOOCS
    • Presenter: Arthur Murphy, Aoelian Solutions
  • Technology Opening the Door to Education for First Nations People in Australia
    • Presenter: Sharon Kerr, CEO Global Access Project
  • Accessibility Trends, Endeavors and Stories of Inspiration
    • Presenters: Janet Sylvia, WAG Leader and Austin Kovarik, former WAG Co-leader

Recording Links 2014

  • Organizing Your Website Project for Accessibility
    • Presenter: Brian Dixon,
  • AMAC Services
    • Presenter: Dr. Christopher Lee, Director AMAC Accessibility Solutions and Research Center
  • Writing Effective Alt Text
    • Presenter: Janet Sylvia, WAG Leader
  • Designing Websites for All Users
    • Presenters: Janet Sylvia, WAG Leader; Austin Kovarik, former WAG Co-leader, and Dave Wynne, former WAG Co-leader