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The Rock Eagle Annual Computing Conference is hosted in October by the University System of Georgia (USG). Accessibility Presentations from current and previous years appear on this page.

Rock Eagle 2017

  • Accessibility: Image Description for Web Designers
    • This training will be offered as a WAG Monthly Meeting (webinar) in 2018
    • Please join the WAG Listserv to receive notice of when the webinar will take place
  • Highlights of the 508 Compliance Revision
    • Handout forthcoming

Rock Eagle 2016

  • Web Accessibility: Challenges and Solutions
  • Presenter: Janet Sylvia, WAG Coordinator and Accessibility Specialist
  • Description: In this session, we will talk about implementing web accessibility at institutes of higher education. Are you experiencing challenges? Or implementing solutions? How are colleagues throughout USG addressing the same concerns? Join us for this informative discussion and review of best practices.
  • Resource Links: Please visit the WAG GAAD page for Collaborate Recording and Resource Links associated with this training