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AMAC Orders is a web-based application that allows organizations to:

  • Order and download alternative media such as e-text, braille, and captioned media.
  • Order Remote Captioning Services.
  • Check the status of alternative media orders.
  • Search the AMAC library for existing alternative media.
  • Manage accounts for students receiving AMAC services (if applicable).
  • Download assistive technology software (for Deluxe and USG members only).
  • Access reports and export data.

Log in to AMAC Orders


For resources on using AMAC Orders, including short how-to videos and user guides, please see | Training


  • Web-based
  • Accessible
  • Built-in and custom reporting
  • Unlimited user accounts
  • Data encryption
  • Daily backups
  • Redundant data storage

Built-in Reports

  • Downloaded Software
  • FY (current and previous) E-Text and Audiobook Completed Orders by Month / Invoice Billing
  • FY (current and previous) Braille Invoice Billing
  • FY (current and previous) Captioning Invoice Billing

User Roles

  • Service Provider: A service provider is associated with student records, will receive emails associated with student orders including notifications when orders are completed, and alert emails if orders have a status of Need More Information. The service provider is the point of contact if there are questions regarding students or orders. A service provider can add and edit student records and add and edit orders.
  • View Only: A user with the view only role cannot add or edit student records or orders, but can view student records and orders.