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EasyReader is a digital talking book player. You can use EasyReader to read DAISY files. The content is easy to navigate; you can skip through sentences, headings, pages and bookmarks to highlight areas of interest. You also have control over the speed, volume and pitch of the reading voice.

Unlock Code

First time use of EasyReader requires Unlock Code: login to AMAC Student Center for unlock code

  • new code - updated July 1, 2019
  • code is valid for one year

Open a new book copied to your computer

Before you can open a new book that has been downloaded or copied to your computer, you must know the path to the folder where the book is found.

To open a new book copied to your computer:

1. Open the "File" menu.
2. Choose the "Open" item. This will show the “Open” dialog box.
3. In the "Open" dialog box choose the folder where the book is located. In the folder, EasyReader will automatically select the file that is reported as the starting file for the book.
4. Choose the "Open" button.

Note that if you attempt to open a file that is not the suggested starting file then EasyReader will pop up a message window asking if you would like to change the file you are opening. You must choose the "No" button to open your selected file.

EasyReader will suggest the starting file for books that have been created in the DAISY 2, DAISY 3 and NIMAS formats.

EasyReader Help Guide and Hotkey List MS Word DocAdobe PDF