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Welcome to the AMACWiki Information Technology Unit Portal.
The Information Technology (IT) Unit develops and maintains information systems that support AMAC processes and services.






IT Unit Manager

The Information Technology (IT) Manager will direct the Alternative Media Access Center (AMAC) Information Technology Division. This leadership position will be responsible for managing, developing, maintaining, reporting and training all IT-related AMAC projects across state agencies and private organizations.

Regular Duties

50% IT Management: Direct and facilitate development of strategic and tactical planning for AMAC initiative. Supervise IT database related issues. Lead and/or participate in IT committees, forums or councils supporting the continuous improvement of technology for the University System of Georgia. Develop and manage the budget for IT services.

35% Applications Development: Research, design and implement appropriate technology applications to support communication, access to information, improved productivity and instruction.

15% Data Management: Create reports and develop or assist in the development of grants, proposals, and AMAC reports.

Ensure compliance with the Board of Regents Customer Service Improvement Plan.

Periodic Duties:

  1. Develop and manage IT programs through project leadership and budget capabilities.
  2. Unit development of strategic and technical planning.
  3. Database development, maintenance, reporting and evaluation.
  4. Collaborate with IT departments outside the University System of Georgia (i.e. state, private and non-profit entities).
  5. Provide resources and guidance for professional development of staff.

Occasional Duties:

  1. Attend national conferences (e.g. WC3 standards, 508 standards, assistive technology protocols, and other IT and disability-related conferences).
  2. Represent AMAC/USG on national publisher committees.
  3. Provide input and guidance for the AMAC research unit.

Assignment, Review and Approval of Work

The Information Technology Manager will receive work assignments from the Director of the Alternative Media Access Center. Work assignments will be reviewed by the AMAC Director and problems will be referred to the AMAC Advisory Committee.

IT Assistant/Design