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Premier Predictor Pro
Premier predictor Pro icon Predictor Pro is a talking word prediction program


Premier Predictor Pro is a talking word prediction program that works with applications on your computer that require typing, e.g., word processing, spreadsheets, presentation software, and email. As you begin to type a word, Predictor Pro will attempt to "predict" the complete word you want to type based on common English language usage patterns. A word list will appear next to your cursor as you are typing, displaying the most probable word at the top of the list. The prediction list can be read to you by using your arrow keys to go up and down the list. When you hear the word you want, just select it, and that word will automatically be entered into your document.

Special Features

  • Compatible with most programs where typing is required
  • Adjustable Grade Level Word Prediction. Select the grade level of words to display in the prediction list.
  • Word search capability including partial spelling lookup
  • Adjustable Prediction Window: Adjust the position, font size and location of the box
  • Large Libraries: Predictor Pro has one of the largest prediction lists in the industry with hundreds of commonly
misspelled words, and phonetic spelling of words.
  • Over 20 Occupation-specific libraries
  • Networkable Libraries: Add words to a single master list that all students can access

Compatible Programs

  • Microsoft Office: Including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Access – all versions
  • Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express
  • WordPerfect
  • Notepad
  • Wordpad
  • Microsoft Works
  • Internet Explorer
  • Web-based Email: Including Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo mail
  • Premier Test Builder
  • E-Text Reader
  • Web-based forms and search engines: Including MSN, Google, Yahoo, and AOL


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