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The forms table contains a repository of forms to be used by service providers. The forms table is not a child table of the student table and in fact has no relationship with any of the other tables. It is simply used a place to maintain common forms used by all service providers.

The form record can contain an attached file or simply a URL to the online form. The most likely and user-friendly formats for attached forms are Adobe PDF documents, Microsoft Word documents, or HTML documents.

The forms table does not appear on the table menu bar. To add or edit forms, select the Forms Library link from the SAM V1 dashboard.

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The fields of the forms table are:

Field Description
Date Created Date record was created.
Date Modified Date record was last updated.
Form ID# Unique ID# of the record.
Record Owner User who owns the record.
Last Modified By User who last modified the record.
Form Physical file attached to the record that is the form.
Form URL URL to the form if the physical file is not to be attached to the record but instead resides on a server or the local machine.
Name Descriptive name of the form.
Notes Notes regarding the form. The notes field is a cumulative field and date stamped with the date, time and user adding the notes.