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The case notes table records the cases or interactions between students and disability service providers. A case notes record exists for each meeting or contact, so if the student has met with disability services 3 times, then the one student parent record will have 3 child case notes records.

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The fields of the case notes table are:

Field Description
case_date The date of the meeting. Case date is required.
case_time The time the meeting or contact started.
duration Elapsed time of the meeting entered in minutes.
last_updated Date record was last updated.
notes Notes regarding the case.
purpose Purpose of the meeting or contact: Intake, Counseling, Training, Support, etc. Purpose is required.
service_provider The service provider who conducted the meeting or contact. Service provider is required.
sid The student the case note is related to. Student is required.
type Type of meeting or contact: Office Visit, Phone, Email, Instant Message, etc. Type is required.
uid Unique ID# of the record.
updated_by User who last modified the record.