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The tasks table records tasks that individuals must perform. Normally, tasks are performed by a service provider as a result of a meeting or contact with students. The tasks table serves as a tickler file to record future tasks that must be completed by an established date. A task can be performed for a student, and in this case a tasks is a child table of students. Many task child records may exist for a single student parent record. A task need not be associated with a student. In this case, the task is referred to as a generic task.

Pending tasks assigned to the user display on the SAM V2 dashboard under My Pending Tasks. This serves as a visual reminder of tasks that need to be performed by the user.

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The fields of the tasks table are:

Field Description
due_date The date the task is due to be completed. Due date is required.
due_time The time the task is due to be completed. Due time is optional.
duration The number of minutes spent to complete the task.
last_updated Date record was last updated.
notes Notes regarding the task.
status Status of the task: Pending, Completed, Cancelled. Status is required.
sid The student the task is related to. Student is optional. Generic tasks are not related to an individual student.
task Description of the task to be performed. Task is required.
type Type of task: Appointment, Proctor Test, Schedule Meeting, etc. Type is required.
uid Unique ID# of the record.
updated_by User who last modified the record.
userid Individual responsible for completing the task. The individual must have a SAM V2 user account.