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Ultimate Talking Dictionary
Ultimate Talking Dictionary icon Ultimate Talking Dictionary is a comprehensive, unabridged dictionary that will read the definition of a word to you and it will use the word in a sentence so you get a true understanding of the word.


The Ultimate Talking Dictionary (UTD), is not only a comprehensive dictionary, but has other robust, integrated features that make it unlike any other dictionary anywhere. Like all other Premier products, UTD reads everything to you. The dictionary contains over 250,000 words, terms, jargon, and even proper nouns like geographic entries (e.g. cities, countries) and historical persons. UTD has a complete thesaurus built-in that allow you to quickly find synonyms and their corresponding definitions. The “Power Search” feature lets you look up words when you only know a partial spelling. Premier’s unique Interlink technology incorporates complex cross-references between all words in the UTD so you can quickly find related terms and definitions, even when you only have a vague concept of a word. <ref></ref>


  • Hot Key Word Lookup To look up a word, all you have to do is highlight it in your current application (i.e. email,
word processing, Internet), press the F11 key and almost instantly you have the definition of the word being read to you.
You can setup the UTD so that it automatically reads a definition to you.<ref></ref>
  • Reading The UTD will read the definitions to you so that you can hear the meaning of a word, as well as, how to use
it in a sentence. It can also highlight the word on the screen as it reads.<ref></ref>
  • Spelling If you misspell a word, the UTD will “predict” the word you are trying to spell and present you with a
list of potential matches to the word you are looking for. Once you “select” the one you want from the list of possible
matches, the UTD will read the word you have selected to you, so you can be sure that that indeed is the word you want
and the UTD will then retrieve and display the definition to you.<ref></ref>
  • Power Search If you do not know how to spell a word, but know part of the word, you can do a “power search”.
A “power search” will provide a list of all the words that contain that sequence of letters.<ref></ref>
  • Thesaurus The UTD has a built-in thesaurus and will automatically look up alternative words “synonyms”
and "antonyms" every time you search a word.<ref></ref>
  • Zoom The UTD can be made into a large print dictionary without any reduction of its total contents. The “zoom”
feature allows you to enlarge the print up to 400% of its original size to meet your online viewing needs.<ref></ref>
  • Word History The UTD keeps a history of all the words you look up in a particular online session so that you can
easily go back to the previous word just by clicking on the “Back” button.<ref></ref>
  • Accessibility The UTD is designed to work with screen readers and screen magnifiers. The voice can be “turned off”
so that it will not interfere with a screen reader voice. After all, if you already have a screen reader you do not need
another program that talks. The UTD can also be used with just simple keyboard commands and does not require the use of a


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