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Tools for Life: Demonstration Lab

The Assistive Technology Demonstration Lab is provided by Tools for Life under the mandate of the Assistive Technology Act of 1998 as Amended 2004 Title III, Section 4. This lab is to assist Georgians with disabilities to make an informed decision when selecting assistive technology devices appropriate to their needs in support of their ability to be independent in the area they choose, whether, work, school, independent living, or recreation.

During an assistive technology demonstration, you will learn more about general and specific features of AT solutions to see if they support your needs and assist you in performing specific tasks or goals. To arrange to have an assistive technology demonstration, please contact Tools for Life at 1-800-497-8665 or email Martha Rust:

Technology in the Tools for Life Demo Lab

The AT Demonstration Lab has many of the newest technologies. Some of the items you will find include:

  • Aids or daily living
  • Apps for:
    • audiobooks
    • communication
    • cognitive disabilities
    • e-books
    • environmental controls
    • hearing
    • learning disabilities
    • organization
    • readers
    • vision
    • and many more
  • Communication
    • Go Talks
    • Nova Chat
    • Communication Apps
    • Low Tech Communication Devices
  • Mobile devices
    • Android Tablets
    • iPads (including the iPad 4 and 2 and mini iPad)
    • iPods touches
    • Surface Tablets
  • Variety of keyboards
  • Software to assist with learning disabilities, vision loss, and other disabilities
  • Many types of switches