Ultimate Talking Dictionary for Mac

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Ultimate Talking Dictionary (Mac)
Talking Dictionary Icon Ultimate Talking Dictionary is a comprehensive, unabridged dictionary that will read the definition of a word to you and it will use the word in a sentence so you get a true understanding of the word.


The Ultimate Talking Dictionary Mac, first and foremost, is a comprehensive dictionary. It is, however, much more than a dictionary. The Ultimate Talking Dictionary Mac speaks. It reads the definition of a word aloud. The user can hear the word used in a sentence. It has a fully integrated thesaurus for referencing synonyms and antonyms of all words. It includes slang jargon and historical figures. It contains over 250 000 words and allows the reader to look up a word without knowing exactly how it is spelled. It is also possible to search for words by concept.


With the UTD, you don’t need to know the correct spelling of a word. If you can get close to spelling a word, it will ask you “Did You Mean?” and provide you with a list of potential words that similar in spelling. This list can be read to you to help you make your choice. Additionally, if you only know how to spell a portion of a word, the Power Search can help you find all words that contain a partial spelling. “Recursive lookup” lets you find the definition of a term within a definition.


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