Student Accommodation Manager

Easily manage student records
with powerful data integration.

Student Accommodation Manager allows users to collect, aggregate, visualize, and survey data



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Meet SAM. Tracking and Reporting Made Easy.

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SAM provides a world-class data management facility, advanced security and data protection through daily back-ups. For institutions requiring additional IT technical support, SAM offers a viable multi-user, web-based solution at a reduced cost.

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The Student Accommodation Manager

SAM is developed and hosted using Intuit's QuickBase and follows a software-as-a-service model where there is no software to install or server to manage or own. Essential functions such as system availability and backups are provided for you. Predefined reports, as well as a powerful report writer, allow you to quickly and easily find, filter and transform data. SAM can also serve as a forms repository and auto-generate accommodation notification letters.

SAM Features

  • Completely web-based, all information stored in SAM is available anywhere there is access to the internet
  • Accessible 24-hours a day, 365 days of the year, removing the need to carry file folders desk to desk and office to office
  • Customers do not have to update software on any computer where SAM is used, reducing user frustration
  • Customers do not have to purchase additional software for every computer, reducing costs
  • Meets VPAT requirements, allowing any user access to valuable information
  • Provides customers the ability to run/create/save/archive reports with the easy click of a button

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