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CIDI is the one organization
integrating a full range of
technology and services into
easy, timely, cost-effective
accessibility solutions that
really work.

Tessa Greenleaf
Martha Rust displaying assistive technology keyboard
Guy Toles displaying braille
Making tactile graphic
Dawn Evans
Captioning student in front of school

Meet the CIDI Team

Denise Winn

Denise Winn

Digital Media Accessibility Specialist-Captioning

Denise Winn is a digital media accessibility specialist. She spends her time in the Captioned Media Unit captioning live classes, transcribing videos and doing audio description. Denise's favorite part of her job is making a difference in her student's lives and watching them graduate. She's C-Print certified with 7 years of experience. Denise earned a Bachelor of Arts in Justice Administration from Hawaii Pacific University.