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AMAC Services and Education


CIDI is the one organization
integrating a full range of
technology and services into
easy, timely, cost-effective
accessibility solutions that
really work.

Tessa Greenleaf
Martha Rust displaying assistive technology keyboard
Guy Toles displaying braille
Making tactile graphic
Dawn Evans
Captioning student in front of school

Meet the CIDI Team

Deidra (DeeDee) Bunn

Deidra (DeeDee) Bunn

Speech Language Pathologist

DeeDee Bunn is a certified Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) who specializes in augmentative communication and assistive technology. She has over 30 years experience working as a Speech-Language Pathologist and is the augmentative communication specialist for Tools for Life/AMAC at Georgia Tech, assisting individuals with speech/language and communication difficulties in finding communication systems to help them succeed in school, work and play. DeeDee has presented at numerous national, state and regional conferences on augmentative communication and assistive technology, with an emphasis on helping individuals increase their language, literacy and communication skills.