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Affordable, Accurate, and user-designed Access

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  • Real Time Remote Captioning
  • Post-production Transcription and Video Captioning
  • Audio Description for Videos

When you become a CIDI member, you have access to a full range of affordable, accurate, user-designed captioning and multimedia services. We help make your classrooms, meetings, labs and other audio environments fully accessible for your students and clients who need access, whether it's live audio content like lectures, speeches and seminars, or recorded audio and visual content like videos and podcasts.

All of CIDI's captioning and described services are available to members as fee-for-service, at fee levels that provide cost savings to our members.

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Captioning Made Simple

Real-Time Remote Captioning

CIDI has a team of trained and certified captionists who can meet your accessibility needs without the added costs of travel. By using internet delivery systems, we are able to provide our captions at a low rate and in whatever situation you may need them, including one-on-one meetings, webinars, classroom environments, or events. Users appreciate the independence and self-reliance that Real-Time Remote Captioning provides them.

Communication Access Real-time Translation (CART)

Provided remotely when a person prefers near verbatim captioning. CART is most effective for providing access to late-deafened adults who are accustomed to hearing all the elements of spoken language. Also available - CART for Webinar and CART for Large Audiences, such as commencement.

Multimedia Services

Transcription and Captioning Services

When you need unparalleled accessibility built into video content, we can provide services meeting the rigorous WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) 2.1, as recommended by the W3C (Worldwide Web Consortium) in June 2018. We produce all of our accessible media products with minimal to no automation involved. All final products are checked for accuracy and correct synchronization before delivery. Our history with higher education institutions has given us a unique perspective on the accessibility needs of educational material and the importance of accuracy. We strive for 100% accuracy with all of our content, including science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) content. We provide captioning for most media platforms. You simply provide us with the video, and we return the captioned product back in the format most useful to you.

Audio Description

CIDI was one of the earliest providers of audio description for videos. Our audio description team has been perfecting best practices in audio description since 2013. We’ve provided described media for educational and governmental agencies, and public and private universities across the country. Deliverables for all audio description products include an MP4 video file with extended description and an accessible text script of the audio description including time codes for when the description occurs in the video.

Accessible Media Planning

If your school or business has never provided video or audio accommodations, but is ready to do so, we can help you get started. At no charge for Members, we'll help you create a basic implementation plan, starting with the most important and common media, such as the media available to all persons on your website. Let us know how we can help you.

For additional information, please contact the Captioning & Described Media Team.