CIDI is the one organization integrating a full range of technology and services into easy, timely, cost-effective accessibility solutions that really work.

Michelle Breuad working at a computer
Martha Rust displaying assistive technology keyboard
Liz Persaud working at a desk
Student and her mom sitting by a laptop at home
Woman working on a computer with an ipad in front of her
Captioning student in front of school

Meet the Team

Amy Furman - Braille Media Specialist 1
Ben Satterfield - Research Associate
Carey Jackson - Braille Coordinator
Carolyn Phillips - Director
Chris Delano - Audio Description Coordinator
Danny Housley - Assistive Technology Acquisition Manager
Dawn Evans - ATN Coordinator
Dawn Hand - Training & Outreach Coordinator, Braille Programs
Deanna Mansfield - Digital Media Accessibility Specialist
Deidra (DeeDee) Bunn - Speech Language Pathologist
Denise Winn - Digital Media Accessibility Specialist-Captioning
Donna Stay - Braille Production Specialist I
Douglas Neal - StARR Programs Manager
Gabriel Gordon - Braille Production Specialist I
Gabriella Ruddy - E-Text Accessibility Specialist | E-Text
Gina Gelinas - Educational Outreach Manager II
Guy Toles - Braille Production Manager
Heather Johnson - Captioning Supervisor
Jesus Pulido - Captioned Media Coordinator
John Rempel - QA Accessibility Analyst
John Toles - Digital Accessibility Specialist
Julie Ancis - Minority Serving Institutions Researcher | Co-PI
K. James Monroe - Digital Media Accessibility Specialist
Kenneth Thompson - Application Developer Sr.
Kimberly Martin - Braille Media Specialist 1
Liz Persaud - Program and Outreach Manager
Martha Rust - Assistive Technology Access Team Manager
Matthew Blake - Application Developer Manager
Michelle Breaud - E-Text Production Supervisor
Nate Liao - Braille Production Coordinator
Nia Lassiter - Digital Media Specialist
Norah Sinclair - Application and Instructional Designer, Project Manager
Norford Fahie - Assistive Technology Support Supervisor
Patricia Redmon - Special Project Consultant
Patrick Fraser - Grants and Operations Manager
Rachel Wilson - TechMatch Specialist
Raminta Zebrauskas - Digital Learning and Communications Manager
Rayianna Daniels - Digital Accessibility Specialist
Rickie Johnson - Braille Production Spec I
Samantha Peters - Tools For Life Accessibility Specialist
Sheryl Ballenger - Captioning and Described Media Services Manager
Ted Patterson - Digital Media Accessibility Specialist
Tori Holder - Tools for Life Outreach Specialist
Traci Streeter-Sherrell - Financial Administrator
Valerie Morrison - E-Text Manager
Zerrin Ondin - Research Scientist