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Practical and Cost-Effective Compliance Solutions.

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At CIDI, we understand the needs and challenges encountered by organizations in meeting the compliance standards of federal and state disability laws, regulations, policies and procedures.

Whether they relate to your customers or your employees, CIDI is here to help ensure that your organization and all of its resources and systems are accessible to all.

CIDI Compliance Services offers higher education, corporate, governmental and non-profit organizations a pathway to accessibility success.

How can we help you with your compliance and training needs?

Digital Accessibility Compliance Services

Ensure your web applications meet accessibility compliance standards and the needs of your audience

Have your applications evaluated by our highly skilled team. With a combination of manual and automated testing tools, we evaluate the required compliance and accessibility of your applications, captured in a detailed report that includes remediation solutions.

Transfer your electronic and hardcopy into accessible material

Our easy online ordering system links you to the CIDI production team. Whether it's an internal policy manual, a video which needs to be captioned, or a document that will be placed on your website, we can help. Place your order; upload your document to receive your converted material. Our team will recommend the appropriate formats that can include PDF, DOC, HTML, EPUB, Braille, and others.

Providing knowledge and sustainability through our accessibility technical assistance team

Our quality assurance team can provide accessibility technical assistance for your IT or marketing team, your procurement process, and your organizational compliance policies and procedures. CIDI is here to help.

Deliver Accessibility Training

We provide a variety of onsite and remote accessibility trainings that can meet your specific organizational needs. Ask about our various trainings that include employee disability awareness, digital accessibility compliance, creation of accessible documents, and familiarity with universal design.

Usability Testing

  • Staff specializing in disabilities
  • One of the country‚Äôs largest databases serving people with disabilities
  • Usability testing and reporting for education and industry
  • Research initiatives geared toward people with disabilities