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The WAG Listserv is available for questions and discussion about web accessibility.
About the WAG Listserv

  • Member experience ranges from newcomers (with little to no experience) to those with intermediate and advanced expertise
  • Members include administrators, directors, faculty, disability service providers, instructional designers, digital media specialists, website designers, application developers, and more
  • Topics for discussion include accessibility of websites, web-based content, and online courses
  • Recent discussions include timely topics such as: lawsuits and civil rights complaints, captioning requirements, accessible documents, WAI-ARIA, mobile websites and accessible online courses
    • Listserv discussions are archived for member access
    • Announcements include login links for WAG Monthly Meetings, notice of free webinars, and WAG-sponsored accessibility events (e.g. Global Accessibility Awareness Day)
    • To submit a request to join the WAG listserv, please email
  • Listserv Etiquette
    • WAG expects courtesy and respect towards all members when posting to this listserv, even when disagreeing with others' posts. WAG personnel monitor the listserv and have the right to address violations, including removal of any offenders of this policy. By requesting to be added to the WAG listserv, you agree to abide by this policy.