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Claro BookReader for PC
Claro BookReader BookReader is a simple, self-contained PDF reader that will read back PDFs for you with high-quality human-sounding synthesized speech and highlighting.

Installation Instructions

  • After downloading the file from the Student Download Center, you will run the setup wizard to install application to your computer.
  • The software will utilize any voices that you may have installed on your computer already. You can also download and install voices from the Student Download Center.

Getting Started

  • To read PDF files in Claro BookReader, you will select File and then Open from the menu bar at top to navigate to the location of the PDF file that you want to read.
  • If the Bookmarks panel isn't visible, click on View and then Bookmarks from the menu bar at top. Navigate to the desired starting page in the PDF.
  • Click your mouse at the desired starting point on the page. Then, click the Play button at the bottom of the displayed page. Note that Claro BookReader will always read from the beginning of a sentence even if you click in the middle of the sentence.
  • Claro BookReader includes Highlighting that lets you follow the text being read aloud as you follow it, helping you understand and comprehend the book. You can also manipulate the Background Color of the PDF that you are reading. You can customize highlighting feature by clicking on Options and then Accessibility from the menu bar at top.
  • Select any voice on your machine including voices installed with ClaroRead. To make speech selections, click on Options and then Speech from the menu bar.
  • Powerful annotations - highlight, strikethrough, notes - that are saved in the PDF and work in other PDF programs like Adobe Reader or ClaroPDF. To add annotations, you will click to highlight desired text and then right clicking on the selection. You will then select Comment and then the desired feature that you want to use.


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