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PDF Aloud by TextHelp
TextHelp Logo PDF Aloud by Texthelp a plug-in for Adobe Reader, embeds player controls (play, pause, next) to allow you to read and listen to PDF documents.

Installation Instructions

  1. Unzip PDFaloud_PC.zip
  2. Double-click 3rd Setup file
  3. Follow on-screen instructions

After installation, open Adobe Reader and click on either Tools or Extended to show the play controls

Training & Resources


  • If you have Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader installed on your computer, PDF Aloud will automatically default to installing in Acrobat. If you would like them to be installed in both follow these steps: 
    1. Navigate on your computer to C: > Program Files > Adobe > Acrobat 9.0 > Acrobat > plug_ins
    2. Copy the folder called Texthelp (do not delete it)
    3. Then move to C: > Program Files > Adobe > Reader 9.0 > Reader > plug_ins and paste the Texthelp folder in here
    4. Restart your computer, and you will see the plug-in installed
  • When installing on Mac, the installer oftentimes 'pauses' at Items remaining to be installed: 1189. Please be patient and wait a couple of minutes, and the installation will eventually complete.
  • Changing the voice on Mac
    1. Quit Adobe Reader
    2. Open Mac System Preferences
    3. Click in Speech (in the System section)
    4. Click on Text to Speech tab - then select the voice you would like

Note: Speech rate cannot be changed