Student Request: Instructions for DSPs

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The Student Request System lets your students enter requests for alternative textbook formats anytime. Their requests will be sent to you via AMAC Orders. If you or your staff approves the request, then the order will go through to AMAC for us to produce the book as requested. You also have the option not to approve the request or to ask the student for more information.

How to Respond to Requests

1. Log into AMAC Orders.

2. Select "My Requests" from the main menu.

3. Click "Edit" next to a request to review it and change the status.

4. Once you've chosen the appropriate status, click "Submit Changes" at the bottom of the page.

5. "Approved" requests will be submitted as orders to AMAC. "Not approved" requests will be cancelled. "Need more information" requests will be sent to the student in an email to alert them to make the necessary changes.

Special Instructions

  • The ISBN is the 10 or 13 digit number that identifies your book. You can find it near the barcode on the back cover or on the inside front copyright page.
  • DO NOT enter the ISBN for a bundle or a package. A bundle or a package is a collection of materials (such as a book with a CD and an access code) that is often wrapped in clear plastic. Do not use the bundle's ISBN, instead, open up the bundle and get the ISBN from the book itself.
  • PDFs have the same layout as the book and do not have alternative text descriptions on images. They are best for students who need to zoom in on the pages and/or use text to speech programs with synchronized highlighting .
  • DOCs are in a single-column format in Microsoft Word and have alternative text descriptions on images. They are best for students who use software such as JAWS or NVDA and need alt. text on images.