AMAC Accessibility Partners

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AMAC Accessibility Partners

The logo for the Georgia Tech College of Architecture.

Georgia Tech College of Design

AMAC is a research and service center of the Georgia Tech College of Design, one of the top three producers of research nationally among schools of architecture and the arts. Research initiatives range from developing simulation models for building efficiency to radical new ways of listening to and composing music, and are sponsored by corporate, nonprofit, and government agencies including the National Science Foundation, the U.S. Military Health System, and major software developers, among others.

The logo for the University System of Georgia.

University System of Georgia

The University System of Georgia is composed of 35 higher education institutions that include 4 research universities, 2 regional universities, 13 state colleges and universities, 8 state colleges, 8 two-year colleges and well as the Skidway Institute of Oceanography. The Georgia Public Library System, encompassing 385 facilities in 61 library systems throughout Georgia, is also part of the University System.


Regents' Center for Learning Disorders

The Regents' Center for Learning Disorders (RCLD) is comprised of three centers across the state of Georgia established by the Board of Regents to provide specialized assessments for students with suspected learning disorders and serves as a resource identifying appropriate academic accommodations. The RCLD are located at Georgia Southern University RCLD, Georgia State University RCLD, and the University of Georgia RCLD.