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In order to ensure efficient and timely response to our customers, AMAC implements the following policies regarding the production of alternative media:

  • Canceling Orders
Orders in the status of “New” may be cancelled at any time. Orders in the status of “Processing” can not be cancelled, with few exceptions. Customers may contact AMAC Technical Support to inquire if their processing order might be a candidate for possible cancellation.
  • Needs More Information status:
If one of your orders is marked “needs more information” the order cannot be processed until all required information has been provided. Please read any notes or emails sent from AMAC regarding “Needs More Information” (NMI) orders. If NMI orders have no response from the Disability Service Provider within 21 days, AMAC reserves the right to cancel the order.
  • Braille Orders
For book or supplement braille orders to be processed, AMAC must have received a request for a quote and the estimate quote must be signed and returned to AMAC in writing by fax or mail before the Order can begin processing. Only test orders may be placed without a signed quote. However, tests may not be longer than 15 print pages. If a test is longer than fifteen print pages, then it must be approved by the Braille Coordinator or Production Manager. If a test over fifteen print pages is processed without prior approval, it will be billed based on membership pricing. All test orders will be reviewed and if an order is determined not to be a test, AMAC will notify the customer and then change the order to the correct braille type.
  • Article/Journal/Course Readings
All orders for such material are dependent upon approval by the E-Text Production Media Coordinator or Production Manager. Materials must be attached to each order, and the material must be in adequate condition to OCR. Considerations which preclude “adequate condition” include: illegible print, handwritten material, skewed copy, smudged copy, etc. If we cannot process your order for any reason then you will receive an email notification stating that the order has been cancelled.
  • Graphic Novels (Comic Book like) and Reference Materials
Unless the text in the book is recognizable by an OCR engine, the only alternate format which AMAC can provide for these types of books is a scanned/image PDF. AMAC will place your order on Needs More Information to inquire whether you wish to cancel the order or receive a scanned PDF.
  • Definition of Alternative Text
AMAC adds alternative text to figures in Microsoft Word Documents in the form of short summaries. These summaries are meant to convey the overall educational meaning of each figure. Graphics which do not add to the student's educational experience (aesthetic graphics) will not have alternative text added. Certain books provide extensive captions for figures, in these cases AMAC staff will determine if the caption is descriptive enough on its own without the addition of alternative text.
  • STEM Books (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)
STEM books typically contain a large number of formulas, equations and symbols which will not include alternative text when ordered in e-text. Therefore, when using a screen reader these fields will have limited to no accessibility. Depending on the student's needs, AMAC recommends ordering Braille, MathML, or Audio on CD as the primary format for STEM titles.
  • Custom Book E-Text Orders Requiring Signed Estimates
If an estimate is requested for a custom book for which AMAC cannot obtain a publisher file; AMAC will only purchase the book if it is available from a source that will accept returns in the case that the customer chooses to not have AMAC produce the e-text. AMAC requests that the DSP loan AMAC a copy of the book or provide a file so that AMAC can provide an estimate.
  • Invoicing
AMAC Orders are invoiced on a monthly basis with net 30 terms.