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AMAC - The Full Story

Through grass roots advocacy and the support of the disability community, the Governors Council Development Disabilities, and the University System of Georgia, Noel Gregg , Ph.D., Director of the Regents Center on Learning Disorders (1993-2009) and Christopher Lee, Ph.D. co-founded the Alternative Media Access Center. On July 1, 2006, AMAC opened its doors at the University of Georgia in Athens to serve students with print-related disabilities under the 35 Georgia Board of Regents institutions.

Since its initial inception, AMAC's offerings have expanded to include:

  • Promoting publisher accessibility through national initiatives
  • Accessible document conversion to electronic, audio or braille formats
  • Specialized assistive technology software
  • Captioning and remote transcription
  • Office management software development and deployment

AMAC now operates grants, contracts, memberships and fee for services throughout the United States.

On July 1, 2010, AMAC transitioned its operations to the Georgia Institute of Technology under the Enterprise Innovation Institute. AMAC's offices are located in the 1900's Block Candy Company, a converted warehouse loft in the Means Street Historic District of midtown Atlanta.

As a result of a rebranding process and the expansion of services in 2012, the Alternative Media Access Center began using just the acronym AMAC and discontinued using the name the Alternative Media Access Center.