Accessibility News December 2012

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The New AMAC Vision

You may have noticed that AMAC has recently gotten a new logo and tagline. Soon our website will be updated as well. We hope you like the new look and understand our vision for the future of AMAC.

Since the Alternative Media Access Center (AMAC) opened our doors in 2005, we have grown to offer numerous products and services to our members. Our original charter was to help students with disabilities succeed in the classroom. But now we are looking ahead at how AMAC can also serve people with disabilities in other areas of life such as the workplace and the community.

We are still offering all the products you love - accessible e-text, Braille, audio books, captioning, and more - just with a fresh new look. By now you've seen our new green and blue logo, as well as our new tagline "Accessibility for All". AMAC is broadening our vision to serve people with disabilities in many areas of life. We are committed to continuing to offer high quality products and services! Let us know what you think of our new look by following us on Facebook or Twitter and leaving your comments.

Bucks County Community College

One of AMAC’s newest Deluxe members, Bucks County Community College, is a two-year public institution that offers 85 programs of study for an associate's degree or certificate. Bucks County Community College’s Assistive Technology Specialist Penny Gray had this to say about AMAC services: "Great turnaround time, customer service, and the cost is worth every moment we spend searching and searching, scanning and scanning, editing and editing, etc. etc. :-)."

The AMAC Deluxe Membership is designed for post-secondary institutions averaging less than 10,000 in student enrollment. Many two-year and community colleges choose the Deluxe Membership for their disability service offices. AMAC offers technical support services along with access to ordering accessible textbooks, delivery, tracking and reporting, assistive technology software, and a student download center. The membership has an annual fee of $1,500; with monthly billing at standard production rates. The Deluxe Membership also includes discount prices on other AMAC products such as 10% off braille and captioning services. For more information, click here.

Employee Spotlight

AMAC is proud of its diligent and knowledgeable team of experts who bring you high-quality accessibility products and services. We would like to specially recognize two staff members who have exceeded above and beyond our customers’ expectations during the FALL semester.

Carey Jackson and Guy Toles make up AMAC's braille department. Carey aims to make high-quality products for the visually impaired. In his personal time, he loves spending time with his family. Guy enjoys hearing that students who have used AMAC's braille have made A's in their class. He loves college football and being outdoors.

AMAC's braille department has produced over 51,000 braille pages this semester. Way to go, Carey and Guy! They make sure that our braille is top quality while also providing excellent customer service. Thanks for all you do here at AMAC.