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Accessible PDF Reader
pdf icon Accessible PDF is a free program from Claro Software that lets you read PDFs with the colours and fonts you want and makes it easy to read the text aloud with other programs such as ClaroRead.


The Claro Accessible PDF Reader will convert accessible PDF Files into a web page style retaining the original format and layout. There is also a simple text only view. You can then change any of the colour, font and spacing using the built in controls, and ClaroRead 2008 will speak back the text aloud. You can zoom in and out, use high- or low-contrast colours, and save your PDF as text or a web page for future use. You can even follow internal contents links to let you navigate the document.

Based on the PDFTOHTML program, which in turn uses the XPDF program from Foo labs, Accessible PDF is free open-source software released under the GNU Public Licence version 3, so you can use it for free for business and personal use.


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