Aging Computer Users

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By the time people reach their fifties, two-thirds have vision, hearing, or dexterity impairments that will impact their use of the computer. There are easy ways to adjust the computer without downloading or purchasing anything.[1]



  • If there is trouble seeing the screen, explore ways to increase text and icons, change colors, and add contrast to what
is seen on the computer screen.[2]
  • If there is trouble seeing things on the Web, many options are available in Internet Explorer 7 to make the Internet
easier to see and explore. Try zooming in on a Web page to magnify text, images, and controls. Also, try changing text,
color, font, and other options to make Web pages easier to see and read.[3]


  • If there is difficulty hearing videos or other computer sounds, try cranking up the volume. Also, using headphones can
help block out background noise.[4]
  • If there is trouble hearing email alerts, try using text or visual alternatives for sounds and consider adjusting
computer system sounds to tones that are easier to hear.[5]


  • If experiencing typing errors due to a mild tremor or stiff fingers, try Filter Keys to ignore brief or repeated
  • If there is difficulty pressing multiple keys at once, try Sticky Keys.[7]


  • If there is trouble locating the mouse cursor, adjust the mouse cursor size, appearance, and pointer options.[8]
  • If there is trouble controlling the mouse, the way the mouse scrolls and how the buttons work, including the double-click
speed, can be changed.[9]
  • Try using ClickLock if you don't want to hold the mouse button down while you drag items with the mouse.[10]