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== Additional Resources ==
== Additional Resources ==
[http://www.amacusg.gatech.edu/docs/AMACTechMatch_flyer_2013.pdf Click to Download The TechMatch Flyer]
[[Media: TechMatch_Flyer_Smr.pdf | Click to Download The TechMatch Flyer]]

=== Test to Technology Presentation ===
=== Test to Technology Presentation ===

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AMAC TechMatch / AT Assessment

The AMAC TechMatch / AT Assessment is an excellent way to discover the assistive & mainstream technology as well as the strategies for using that technology to improve a person's ability to meet their educational and employment goals. A member of our qualified AMAC Assessment Team will review and consider past evaluations that you provide. We will meet with you to discuss and demonstrate various technologies and strategies. You'll be provided with a formal written report summarizing aspects of the reports, interaction during the technology consultation and including a personalized and comprehensive list of AT recommendations & resources which provide next steps for AT usage. Finally, we will follow-up to assist you with questions that may arise as a result of your adopting the new technologies.

The purpose of an assistive technology assessment is to match the capabilities and needs of an individual to the characteristics of an assistive technology device or service.Identification of appropriate technology interventions can be achieved through the implementation of a logical, systematic decision-making approach guided by certain fundamental principles.

Utilizing a comprehensive assistive technology assessment process results in successful matches of individuals and assistive technology. The appropriate technology solutions provide opportunities for people with disabilities to: , Increase independence at home, Maximize employment options, Increase access to general education, Increase socialization, Expand recreational options

Technology itself is not the goal . . . the individual’s participation in their chosen activities is the goal.

AMAC TechMatch Assessment Service Includes

  • Review of tests and reports; i.e., Psychological testing, IEP, work plans, medical and therapy Reports, etc.
  • Assistive Technology (AT) Consultation: AT Consultation will include the individual (and Legal Guardian if under age 18yrs) and others as determined by the individual (or Legal Guardian).
    • Up to 2 hour discussion of goals, strengths & challenges of the individual and their environment.
    • Exploration / Demonstration: During the consultation potential AT devices, software and strategies are identified.
  • Assessment Report.

AMAC Assessment TechMatch Report

This tailored report will include information related to the immediate needs of the student. It provides excellent information to jump start or restart an Assistive Technology plan. The style is casual but effective! The Simple Report will likely include: Summary Statement of the AT Consultation, Statements / Recommendations Regarding:

  • Explanation of Assistive Technology, general and as it relates to the student.
  • Environmental factors as it relates to the student.
  • Trial and Training as it relates to the student

Areas of Focus: (only those that require AT intervention) May include; Reading, Writing, Math, Organization / Memory, Communication, Physical Motor, Vision, Hearing, Computer Access, Listening / Attention,

Each Section / Area of Focus may include:

  • Listed in order of priority as determined during the AT consultation
  • Recommendations of Assistive Technology; any that apply: Hardware, Software, Strategies, Resources, Services
  • Strategies for implementation and use of technology
  • Videos, Websites, Web Resources
  • Funding Resource

3 Steps To Receive an AMAC TechMatch Services (Assistive Technology Assessment)

  1. Register for services at Click to go to the AMAC registration page.(Choose Assistive Technology from Drop-Down, Fill out required fields, Click "Next", Accept Agreement...)
  2. Submit payment
  3. Print, Complete & Submit AMAC TechMatch Assessment Packet along with any past relevant evaluation documentation/reports; i.e., psychological, medical, physical therapy, occupational therapy or speech therapy reports, and/or individualized education plans (IEP), 504 plans, etc.)


  • Once the packet and documentation is received by AMAC it will be reviewed by a qualified evaluator.
  • Within 5-7 business days you will be contacted to set-up an in-person AT Consultation at the AMAC office.
  • A TechMatch Report will be provided within 10 business days from consultation visit.

AT Assessment: TechMatch FAQs

Additional Resources

Click to Download The TechMatch Flyer

Test to Technology Presentation

Test to Technology Slides (PDF)

Sample:Feature, Tools & Resources for Reading (PDF)

Psych Test Results:Reading (PDF)