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The Basic Membership is designed to offer our products at competitive, fee-for-service rates. This membership is recommended for institutions that have occasional requests for alternative media, and do not require assistive technology. There is no annual fee, as institutions are billed monthly for alternative media orders (pricing).

Basic Member Discounts

  • 30% off e-text within AMAC’s textbook library

Alternative Media Production Services

  • Accessible textbook media creation, with multiple formats available (i.e. braille, electronic text)

Web-Based Management Software

  • DSP access to AMAC Orders, our easy to use online system for ordering, delivery, tracking and reporting


  • Online training resources, including instructional guides and videos
  • Webinar-based training for disability service providers*


  • Technical Support for disability service providers (AMAC Orders only)
  • Member Services support

*Please contact Member Services for details