Braille Services FAQs

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How do I obtain an estimate for Braille textbook production?

Please fill out the short form at the following link: Get a Quote

What is the time frame for producing Braille materials?

The time frame for producing braille materials varies widely from project to project depending on its size and complexity. Orders for Math/Science textbooks with an average amount of tactile graphics should be placed at least two and a half to three months before the class start date. Less complex transcriptions with fewer tactile graphics can be produced somewhat faster but it is still a very time consuming process.

What are the costs of Braille production?

Braille transcription rates depend on the subject of the text. Math, Science, Computer, and Foreign Language are $6.34 a braille page plus binding costs. Simple Braille literary project for texts like English are $4.67 a braille page plus binding costs.

Are there discounts available on Braille materials?

Deluxe members receive a 10% savings on all per page braille rates and a 10% savings on the production of books in our repository. Deluxe members also receive FREE braille tests.