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Only AMAC staff may contribute or edit content on the AMACWiki. All other users are visitors and may only read previously written content.

AMAC staff should log into their account to create or edit content. If you do not have an account, please send an email to and request an account.

Editing Tutorials

Uploading and Linking Document and Images

To upload a file, use Upload a file in the toolbox. A user must be logged in to upload a file. After a file has uploaded, you can link to it.

Uploading a Document

To link to an uploaded document use the syntax:

[[Media:thefilename.ext|the file description]]

. Regardless of the file extention, the keyword Media is used. The following file extensions are currently allowed:

  • doc
  • mp3
  • pdf
  • ppt
  • xls

Uploading an Image

To link to an uploaded image use the syntax:

[[Image:thefilename.jpg|left|thumb|the image caption]]

. Notice that the keyword is Image. Replace left with right to align the picture to the right of the page. The following image types are currently allowed:

  • gif
  • jpg, jpeg
  • png

For detailed help on uploading documents and images, see WikiMedia Help on uploading images and other files.