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Assisitve Computer Techonolgy Unit: The Assisitive Computer Technology (ACT) Unit at AMAC is the unit within AMAC responsible for providing training and technical support to AMAC's member population
Alternative Media Access Center (AMAC): The Alternative Media Access Center, an initiative of the University System of Georgia, is committed to removing barriers and providing access to knowledge for individuals with physical, sensory, and learning print-related disabilities. AMAC is a partner of the University of Georgia and the UGA Regents' Center for Learning Disorders and works with private institutions, government and non-profit organizations, private industry, and other agencies serving individuals with disabilities. AMAC also researches initiatives and services to incorporate digital media and adaptive technology solutions into the academic arena.
Assistive Technology:
Closed Captioning:
Disability Service Provider:
Information Technology:
New Educational Online Nexus (NEON): QuickBase application used by Disability Service Providers to order alternative format books for students.
Real Time Captioning:
Student Accommodation Manager (SAM): Application used by Disability Service Providers to manage student disabilities, accommodations, case notes, etc.