Captioning and Audio Services

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AMAC Accessibility has the solutions to make providing accommodations for most of your students and clients who are deaf or hard of hearing cost-effective, less cumbersome, and more dependable. AMAC has built a team of highly knowledgeable and trained captionists to assist you in providing access to audio environments such as classrooms, meetings, labs, and access to various media formats used in these environments.

Captioning and Audio Services

AMAC offers real-time remote captioning services, asynchronous text interpreting (an AMAC exclusive service), transcription services, CART, and captioned media services. All of the audio services are available to AMAC members as a fee for service, but at fee levels that are reasonable and provides cost-savings to our members.

Real-time Remote Captioning Service – This service can be provided in any environment that has an internet connection. Our captionists will listen to your live event or class remotely and provide access to your client or student by text interpreting the spoken information. Students have appreciated the independence and self-reliance remote captioning provides them – no more entourage following them to class or to their meeting.

Asynchronous Text Interpreting - Created at AMAC as a solution to accommodate students in distance education courses. A benefit of asynchronous distance learning (not at the same time as the teacher presents) is the flexibility of viewing anytime the student chooses – students who need access to audio should have this same benefit. The audio components of any course can be text interpreted and viewed anytime the student chooses, asynchronously.

Transcription Services - Provides access to a transcript when the full dialogue needs to be made accessible. Best for use in providing access to audio only products- not fully accessible for video applications.

Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) – Provided remotely when access to every single word is necessary. CART is a verbatim account of everything that is spoken. Most effective for providing access to late-deafened adults who are accustomed to hearing all the elements of spoken language.

Captioned Media Services – Your organization’s presentations and videos with audio must be captioned for access by those with hearing loss. AMAC provides captions for your media. We are able to handle most media platforms and return the captioned product back in the format most useful to you. We can assist your group in becoming totally accessible.