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AMAC's Trip to Cave Spring, Georgia

On March 22, AMAC’s staff had the privilege of touring the Georgia School for the Deaf and the Cave Spring Rehabilitation Center. Both places have beautiful facilities, friendly staff members, and dedicated students. We wanted to make this special outing because AMAC is expanding our products to include captioning, CART, and other audio-related services. During the trip, AMAC employees gained valuable insight into the lives and educational needs of the deaf/hard of hearing community.

At the Georgia School for the Deaf we split into small groups and walked around the campus. The school was founded in 1846 and its campus sits on over 450 acres of land. Beyond basic academic subjects, the school offers unique opportunities such as home economics, agriculture, art, and business classes. We met the school’s pet rabbit and saw the large kitchen that the home economics class uses to cook snacks each week. The students can participate in traveling sports teams such as football, cheerleading, volleyball, and soccer. They live in dormitories that are currently getting new carpet and fun paint colors chosen by the students. AMAC was impressed by the enthusiasm and diligence of the staff. They work hard to make sure their students have all the tools to succeed in grade school and beyond. The students are equally eager to do well, working hard in their classes and enjoying their extracurriculars.

Next we went over to the brand new Cave Spring Rehabilitation Center. This residential facility recently opened in February of 2012. Adult students who are referred by vocational rehabilitation counselors from all over Georgia can live there to develop independent living skills, prepare for employment, and receive other services. The center specializes in the deaf/hard of hearing community but serves other groups as well. The dormitories can house up to 52 residents who have access to laundry rooms, kitchens, and computer labs. Residents with service dogs can enjoy the fenced-in dog park. For job skill training, the center has an industrial-sized laundromat, a restaurant kitchen, two greenhouses, and many large classrooms. Just like at GSD, AMAC was so encouraged by the joy and dedication of the Cave Spring staff. They are proud of their new center and especially of their students.

We had a wonderful day! Thank you to everyone at GSD and Cave Spring Rehabilitation Center!

Also, check out some pictures from our trip on our Facebook page.

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