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[[Category:Disability Service Provider]]
[[Category:Disability Service Provider]]

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ClaroRead for PC
ClaroRead icon ClaroRead provides text to speech support tools that allow computer users to read and write independently. By making a computer speak any text with a human voice, text documents can be proofed out loud along with web pages, e-mails and any other text.

Installation Instructions

  • You will need the license key available on the ClaroRead software download page in the Student Download Center.
  • Bundle package includes two voices with installation. Additional voices can be downloaded from the Student Download Center.

Getting Started

  • To read PDF files in Adobe Reader click your mouse pointer to where you want to start reading from. Click the Play button to start to read the document from there onwards.
  • Close integration with Microsoft Word and web browsers means you can click and play at any point in a document or web page.
  • When used in Microsoft Word you can quickly and easily change the font size, colors and spacing and any word can be checked for definition and meaning with a single click on the ClaroRead toolbar.
  • The toolbar also features a homophone checking tool which highlights these tricky words which sound alike but are spelled differently and have different meanings.
  • Have the voice echo characters, words, sentences while typing (all applications).
  • Includes a pronunciation editor for changing how the voice pronounces words.


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