Class Schedules

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Class Schedule

The Banner class schedule extract should contain a single row for each class of a student. For example, if a student is taking three classes, there would be three rows of data, one for each class with the same student identifier. The class schedule extract would not contain a row for every student class in Banner, so a mechanism must be in place within Banner to identify or flag disability services students, as only the class schedules of those students should be included in the extract.

The SAM application contains the follow data elements for class schedule:

Field Name Data Type Format Possible Banner Feed
Unique Student ID (ss#) varchar   yes
Term varchar   yes
Year varchar   yes
Course varchar   yes
Description varchar   yes
Instructor varchar   yes
Instructor Phone varchar    
Instructor Email varchar    
Location varchar   yes
Monday boolean   yes
Tuesday boolean   yes
Wednesday boolean   yes
Thursday boolean   yes
Friday boolean   yes
Saturday boolean   yes
Sunday boolean   yes
StartTime timeofday HH:MM AM or PM yes
End time timeofday HH:MM AM or PM yes
Notes varchar