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Premier E-Text Reader
E-Text Reader icon The E-Text Reader is used to access and read standard text documents.


Key Features

  • Compatible: Works with multiple File Formats including: Standard Text, MS Word (compatible with .doc and .docx files), HTML and Rich Text Formats. Cut and Paste “to” or “from” any program.
  • Reading options: Adjustable reading speeds plus ability to read one word at a time or continuously.
  • Bookmarks: Insert bookmarks to mark locations in the text.
  • Highlighting features: Use the built-in highlighters to highlight text for studies.
  • Change Fonts: You can change the print fonts. The default is Arial, but you can change it to any font on your computer.
  • Tracking: Highlights and tracks each word as it reads.
  • Colors: Change foreground and background colors.


System Requirements


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