How To Upload Documents and Images

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Uploading a Document

To upload a file, use Upload a file in the toolbox. A user must be logged in to upload a file. After a file has uploaded, you can link to it.

Linking to an Uploaded Document

To link to an uploaded document use the syntax:

[[Media:thefilename.ext|the file description]]

. Regardless of the file extention, the keyword Media is used. The following file extensions are currently allowed:

  • doc
  • mp3
  • pdf
  • ppt
  • xls

Linking to an Uploaded Image

To link to an uploaded image use the syntax:

[[Image:thefilename.jpg|left|thumb|the image caption]]

. Notice that the keyword is Image. Replace left with right to align the picture to the right of the page. The following image types are currently allowed:

  • gif
  • jpg, jpeg
  • png

For detailed help on uploading documents and images, see WikiMedia Help on uploading images and other files.