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Lightning with Speech for PC
Lightning icon Lightning with Speech is a full-featured screen magnification program with speech output.


Lightning with Speech will speak all windows menus and dialog boxes, allowing full control of your computer. It gives full speech feedback for most text-based word processing tasks including editing documents in Microsoft Word, WordPad or Notepad.

Key Features

  • Magnify the screen up to 36 times
  • Change the shape or size of letters and pictures
  • Invert screen colours for better contrast.
  • Smooth fonts to make them clearer at high magnification
  • Special Features Tool with options for Full Screen Magnification, Magnifying Lens, Strip Magnifier and *Vertical And Horizontal Split Screens.


Printable resources


System Requirements

Windows XP and Vista (The Vista machine requires a Windows Experience score for graphics of 3.0 or more)
Speakers or headphones and a working audio system
180 MB hard disk space

Solving problems with magnification If you use a Claro (or Sensory Software) product with magnfication such as Lightning on Windows Vista, you should have a Windows Experience Index for Graphics of 3.0 or more to run the program under Aero. Any lower than this and you may experience crashes and hangs, since the display system is too low-powered to perform effectively. However, you may find that some particular settings run fine, so if you stick to those then you will be okay - your computer will not suffer any damage from running the magnification software, even if your graphics card cannot support all the program's features. Guide to Windows Experience.

There are other ways to increase magnification performance in Lightning:

Reduce the colour depth of your display from 32-bit or True Colour to 16-bit or High Colour. You can do this by right-clicking on the Desktop, selecting Properties from the pop-up menu, changing to the Settings tab, and changing "Colour Quality". Reduce the screen resolution of your display, for example from 1280 by 1024 to 800 by 600. You can do this by right-clicking on the Desktop, selecting Properties from the pop-up menu, changing to the Settings tab, and moving the "Screen Resolution" slider towards "Lower." Increase the magnification of the magnifier. This means less screen to magnify, so less work. Turn off smoothing. Turn on Aero in Windows Vista. (You can also try turning it off if you have been working with it on.) You can make Lightning smooth text on the Desktop (for example, the text under shortcuts) by changing the background colour of the Desktop to white.

You may find it helpful to have your mouse pointer move to the position of active default button in a new window. You can turn this on by going to the Mouse Properties dialog in Control Panel, selecting the Pointer Options tab, and checking "Automatically move pointer to the default button in a dialog box." and clicking OK.

Our magnification programs, such as Lightning, cannot magnify any area of the screen controlled by the Microsoft DirectX system. This means that videos in Windows Media Player will not display and full-screen graphical games will not work. Turn off magnification to view this content.

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