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Service Portal

All members place orders for accessible materials and services using the Service Portal online system. For information on using the Service Portal, please see the following user guides and video tutorials:

Video Tutorials and FAQs:

E-text Formats

We produce several e-text file formats. View the following short video for information on choosing the right format for your students.
Choosing the Right E-text Format

Student Center

Deluxe and USG Memberships provide students access to the Student Center, a secure site where students login to download their completed orders and assistive technology software.

Please see the following user guides and video tutorials for more information on accessing the Student Center:

Assistive Technology Software

Members with Deluxe and USG memberships have access to download a number of assistive technology software programs that provide support for students with print related disabilities, including programs with text to speech and synchronized visual highlighting. Students download software from the Student Center. Disability Service Providers can download software from the Service Portal.

Mobile Devices and Tablets

We currently provide students with several iPad apps upon request. Students can request the ClaroPDF app or ClaroSpeak app for iPad when logged in at the Student Center. Both apps include text to speech functionality for reading and highlighting PDFs on the iPad. Please see the following resources for recommendations for reading PDFs on Android devices and other tablets:

Mobile Devices

Please note, all mobile devices, including iPads and Android tablets require a zip utility app, such as WinZip to open/unzip zipped files. All of our Completed Books are in a .zip format when downloaded from the Student Center or Service Portal.


Please see the following resources for troubleshooting information.

Contact Us

  1. Email
  2. Make a support call (24/7)
  3. Call toll free: 866-418-2750 (M-F 8:30-4:30 EST/EDT)

See the Training and Events Calendar for upcoming webinars and events.