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AMAC Orders

Videos Manuals/Guides
Database Icon
*Service Provider Dashboard Overview*How to Add a Student Record

Software Troubleshooting Information

*AMAC Orders User Guides:
AMAC Orders User Guide.pdf | AMAC Orders User Guide.docx
*Atomic Learning

Student Download Center

Videos Manuals/Guides
Student Center
*Tour of the Student Download Center *Downloading Books *Student Guide: Student Guide 2012Update.pdf | Student Guide 2012Updatenew.docx*Atomic Learning


Videos Manuals/Guides/Information
*PDF Equalizer - Watch*Claro Software - Watch*ReadHear - Watch *ReadHear Quick Start Guide

Mobile Devices

Platforms and Operating Systems Apps
*Learn about AMAC compatibility with mobile reading devices including iPads and other tablets. Devices *ClaroSpeak*Premier Talking Reader for iPad

Customer Support

Training/Webinars Contact Us
Event Calendar
*Sign up for a one-hour training session online, for an in-depth overview of AMAC products and services:
  • Click HERE to register
*Email*Call 866-418-2750 (M-F 8:30-4:30 Eastern Time)