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Welcome to the AMACWiki Information Technology Unit Portal.
The Information Technology (IT) Unit develops and maintains information systems that support AMAC processes and services.



Name Summary
Acceptable Use Policy Describes acceptable use of computer equipment, data, and information systems.
Application Service Provider (ASP) Policy Describes proper selection and requirements of Application Service Providers engaged by AMAC.
Email Use Policy Describes proper use of electronic mail system and services.
Guidelines on Anti-Virus Process Describes actions to prevent infection of computers and networks by computer viruses and other malicious code.
Guidelines on Personal Computer Backup Process Describes actions to prevent personal computer data loss due to hardware failures and other causes.
Guidelines on Physical & Environmental Security Describes actions to prevent security breeches due to building and office access.
Guidelines on Third Party Access Describes actions to ensure appropriate use of AMAC information systems and computing services by third parties.
Information Sensitivity Policy Describes how employees determine what information can be disclosed to non-employees, as well as the relative sensitivity of information that should not be disclosed outside of AMAC without proper authorization.
Password Policy Describes the standard for creation of strong passwords, the protection of those passwords, and the frequency of change.
Router Security Policy Describes the required minimal security configuration for all routers and switches connecting to a production network or used in a production capacity at AMAC.
Server Security Policy Describes the standards for the base configuration of internal server equipment that is owned and/or operated by AMAC.