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==Training & Resources==
==Training & Resources==

Quick Start Guide for '''Mac'''
Quick Start Guide
:[http://www.rfbd.org/SiteData/docs/Readhear%20q/a98fd2c8a140c068/Readhear%20quick%20start%20guide%20Mac.docx Word DOC] or [http://www.rfbd.org/SiteData/docs/Readhear%20q/7639cb37a82c58cd/Readhear%20quick%20start%20guide%20Mac.pdf PDF]
*'''Mac''' [http://www.rfbd.org/SiteData/docs/Readhear%20q/a98fd2c8a140c068/Readhear%20quick%20start%20guide%20Mac.docx Word DOC] or [http://www.rfbd.org/SiteData/docs/Readhear%20q/7639cb37a82c58cd/Readhear%20quick%20start%20guide%20Mac.pdf PDF]
*'''PC''' [http://www.rfbd.org/SiteData/docs/Readhear%20Q/bcfebaa27d27c1d4/Readhear%20Quick%20Start%20Guide%20PC.doc Word DOC] or [http://www.rfbd.org/SiteData/docs/Readhear%20Q/f4ee2740271270ca/Readhear%20Quick%20Start%20Guide%20PC.pdf PDF]
Quick Start Guide for '''PDF'''
:[http://www.rfbd.org/SiteData/docs/Readhear%20Q/bcfebaa27d27c1d4/Readhear%20Quick%20Start%20Guide%20PC.doc Word DOC] or [http://www.rfbd.org/SiteData/docs/Readhear%20Q/f4ee2740271270ca/Readhear%20Quick%20Start%20Guide%20PC.pdf PDF]

==System Requirements==
==System Requirements==

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ReadHear by gh
ReadHear Icon RFB&D ReadHear by gh is used to listen to your Audio on CD.

Installation Instructions

video here


type here

Key Features

  • Take notes synchronized with the pdf page
  • Copy text, images or tables directly from the pdf document into your notes
  • Convert the text to mp3 files for portability
  • Integrated talking dictionary
  • Summarize feature can compress any part of the document into a concise summary

Training & Resources

Quick Start Guide

System Requirements


  • Pentium II Processor
  • 128 MB RAM
  • Windows 2000 or later


  • Mac OSX 10.5 (10.6 recommended)
  • 32 MB disk storage


  • Reader says "At the end of the document" after pressing the Read button

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