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ReadHear by gh
ReadHear Icon RFB&D ReadHear by gh is used to listen to your books on Audio on CD.

Activation Instructions

After you have installed ReadHear on your computer, you will see this screen the first time you open the software:

Authentication screen

  1. For Login Name type amac
  2. For Password type activate
  3. Then press Authorize

Training & Resources

Quick Start Guide

Video Demo on YouTube

Frequently Asked Questions (link)

Troubleshooting and Support

Mac users: currently, Readhear will not play/read books directly from the CD. You will need to:

  1. Create a folder on your desktop and name it the title of the book
  2. Copy all of the contents of the cd into this folder
  3. Add this folder to your book 'library' within Readhear

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