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SAM V1 is used by Disability Service Providers to manage students receiving accommodations from disability services.

In addition to tracking student data, SAM V1 allows users to manage and report on:

SAM V1 can also serve as a forms repository and auto-generate accommodation notification letters.


SAM V1 was developed using QuickBase and includes all of the QuickBase features and security, including:

  • Totally web-based
  • 24-hour, 365-day availability
  • No special software or installations required
  • Accessible
  • Custom, printable reporting
  • Email integration
  • Searchable on-line help
  • Advanced access control via logins, users and roles
  • Data encryption
  • Daily backups
  • Redundant data storage


SAM V1 is a relational database application, and as such, an understanding of the following database terms and concepts is essential:


The login URL for SAM V1 is It is suggested that users bookmark this URL in their browser.

Login and Password

Access to SAM V1 requires a login and password. Disability Service Providers at an institution are provided with their own login and password. Typically a user’s login is their email address.

Multiple logins with the same login are allowed.

Passwords are case sensitive.

Users and Roles

SAM V1 users are assigned roles and roles determine what permissions are granted within SAM V1.

The following roles are defined in SAM V1:

Role Permissions
Service Provider
  • Can add, edit, and view all fields on all records in all tables.
  • Can delete records in all tables except students and accommodation masters.
  • Can add, edit, and view all fields on all records in all tables.
  • Can delete records in all tables.
  • Can add, edit, and save tables, fields, forms and views.
  • Can change a record owner.


SAM V1 is comprised of the following tables:

For each table, records can be added, edited, deleted, or viewed, depending on the user’s role. To view table descriptions, relationships, process flows, and detailed field information, click on a table name listed above.

Layout, Navigation and How To

Since SAM V1 is developed using QuickBase, the application layout, navigation, and functions are controlled by QuickBase. To learn more about a particular topic, choose from the list below:


The SAM V1 customer application is created by copying either the SAM con NEON or SAM sin NEON master application. SAM con NEON is used as the source when the customer will also be an AMAC member and have students in NEON. SAM sin NEON is used as the source when the customer will not have related students in NEON.

Prior to creating the SAM V1 application for the customer, the customer should complete the SAM V1 implementation guide. This Excel spreadsheet helps the customer identify:

  • How many users will have access
  • The name and email address of all users (this information will be used to create the QuickBase logins for users)
  • If any new roles and permissions are required in addition to the service provider and administrator roles
  • What role to assign to each user
  • The multiple-choice field values
  • The list of available accommodations

Completed spreadsheets and questions can be emailed to Joe Davis

When the SAM V1 customer application is created, AMAC will use the information provided in the implementation guide to provision users, create any new roles and permissions, and customize the values for multiple-choice fields.



Initial Fee
  • One Payment of $950
  • AMAC Members $750 (Reduced)
Hosting/User Fees
  • $180/month ($2,160/annually)
  • Maximum database size of 5MB
  • Maximum file attachment storage of 100MB
  • Maximum 10 users
  • Users can optionally pay QuickBase for an account and not pay hosting/user fees. QuickBase lowest plan of 5MB database, 100MB file attachment, and 10 users priced at $249/month. See for an overview and additional features of having a QuickBase account.
  • Covers application hosting, server maintenance, application backup and security, and user maintenance.
Support Fee
  • $250/year
  • Covers application training, application questions, assistance with report creation, data import/export, and integration with external systems (i.e. Banner).
Customization Fee
  • $125/hour
Additional Fees
  • $50/month per 5MB database storage (if database size exceeds 5MB)
  • $100/month per 100MB file attachment storage (if file attachment storage exceeds 100MB)
  • $3/month per user (if exceed 10 users)