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The accommodations table contains the accommodations received by each student. An accommodation record exists for each accommodation received the student, so if the student has 3 accommodations, then the one student parent record will have 3 child accommodation records.

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The fields of the accommodations table are:

Field Description
Date Created Date record was created.
Date Modified Date record was last updated.
Accommodation ID# Unique ID# of the record.
Record Owner User who owns the record.
Last Modified By User who last modified the record.
Accommodations Name of accommodation. Accommodation is required.
Expiration If the accommodation is a temporary accommodation, the date the accommodation expires.
Notes Notes regarding the accommodation. The notes field is a cumulative field and date stamped with the date, time and user adding the notes.
Student ID The student the accommodation is related to. Student ID is required.
Type Type of accommodation: Permanent or Temporary. Default value is Permanent. Type is required.