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The student table contains information about the students that receive disability services. A student record is created one time only. The student record is considered the master or parent record. The disabilities, accommodations, consent types, referrals, case notes, tasks, test scores, and class schedules are sub-tables or child records of the student record. The relationship is many children to one parent. In other words, the student record has many disabilities, accommodations, or case notes records related to it.

The student record should not be deleted without first deleting all the child records related to it. Otherwise, the child records would be orphaned.

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The status field can be the value active, inactive, or prospective. It is used to determine if the student is using disability services.

The status field can be reset to inactive for all students at the beginning of each term. Then, as service providers work with students, the status field would be changed to active. By doing so, it would be possible to determine which students are active for the current term.


The fields of the students table are:

Field Description
Date Created Date record was created.
Date Modified Date record was last updated.
Student ID# Unique ID# of the record.
Record Owner User who owns the record.
Last Modified By User who last modified the record.
Academic Level Academic Level of student: Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, Graduate, etc.
Address Address of student. Format is address, city, state and zip code.
Alternate Address Alternate address of student. Format is address, city, state and zip code.
Alternate Email Alternative email address of student.
Alternate Phone Alternate phone number of student.
Alternate Phone Type Type of alternative phone number: Home, Cell, Fax, etc.
Campus The primary campus the student attends.
Date of Birth Date of birth of student.
Email Email address of student.
Enrollment Enrollment status of the student: Enrolled, Graduated, Transferred, Withdrawn, etc.
Ethnicity Ethnicity of student: Caucasian, African American, Hispanic, etc.
First Name First name of student. First Name is required.
Gender Gender of student: Male, Female, etc.
ID Unique student identifier. This field could contain university identification number, social security number, or something similar. ID is required.
Last Name Last name of student. Last Name is required.
Middle Name Middle name of student.
Name Formula field that is the concatenation of Last Name, First Name and Middle Name.
NEON Student The NEON student that corresponds to the SAM student. A SAM student is created in NEON if the SAM student receives AMAC services.
NEON Student Data Out of Synch Checkbox that is checked if the student data in NEON does not match the student data in SAM. SAM is considered the authoritative source. SAM and NEON student data must be kept in synch manually.
Notes Notes regarding the student. The notes field is a cumulative field and date stamped with the date, time and user adding the notes.
Phone Phone number of student.
Phone Type Type of phone number: Home, Cell, Fax, etc.
Preferred Name The name the student prefers to go by.
Print Accommodation Notification Use this link to print the general accommodation notification letter for the student. The general accommodation notification letter does not include the instructor and course name.
Service Provider The service provider assigned to the student.
Status Student status: Active, Inactive, Prospective. Status is required. The default value is Active.
US Citizen Checkbox to be checked if student is a citizen of the USA.
Why NEON Student Data Out of Synch A list of fields where the SAM student data does not match the NEON student data. Identifies which fields needs to be addressed in order for SAM and NEON student data to match.