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The tests table contains student tests and accommodations requested for the tests proctored by disability services. A test record exists for each test requested by the student, so if the student has requested 3 tests, then the one student parent record will have 3 child test records. Requested Accommodations

The tests table will contain checkbox fields that track the accommodations requested for each test. Examples include reader, scribe, time and a half, etc. As the accommodations will vary for each institution using SAM, the requested accommodation fields are not explicitly listed in the fields below. As a general rule, you would check the accommodations requested by the student for the test.

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The fields of the tests table are:

Field Description
Date Created Date record was created.
Date Modified Date record was last updated.
Test Score ID# Unique ID# of the record.
Record Owner User who owns the record.
Last Modified By User who last modified the record.
Cancelled Check if the request to have the test proctored by disability services is cancelled.
Conflict Check if there is a conflict with the test date or time.
Course The name of the course for the test. Course is required.
Instructor The instructor’s name for the course of the test.
Late Check if the student showed up late to take the test.
No Show Check if the student did not show up to take the test.
Notes Notes regarding the test. The notes field is a cumulative field and date stamped with the date, time and user adding the notes.
Room The room where the test was or will be taken.
Test Name of standardized test: Compass, ENSL Compass, Regents’ Exam, etc. Test is required.
Test Date Date the test was or will be taken.
Test Time Time the test was or will be taken.
Student ID The student the test is related to. Student ID is required.