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The class schedules table contains the class schedules for each student. A class schedule record exists for each class taken by the student, so if the student has registered for 3 classes, then the one student parent record will have 3 child class schedule records.

The accommodation notification can be printed from the class schedules record and will display course and instructor information.

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The fields of the class schedules table are:

Field Description
course Name of course. Course is required.
course_number Number of course.
credits Number of credits student receives for the course.
end_time Time the course instruction ends.
final_grade Final grade received by student for the course.
friday Check if the course is taught on Friday.
instructor Name of instructor teaching the course.
last_updated Date record was last updated.
location Physical location (i.e.: building and room number) where the course is taught.
monday Check if the course is taught on Monday.
notes Notes regarding the class schedule.
saturday Check if the course is taught on Saturday.
sunday Check if the course is taught on Sunday.
start_time Time the course instruction begins.
sid The student the class schedule is related to. Student is required.
term Term the student is taking the class: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer, etc. Term is required.
tuesday Check if the course is taught on Tuesday.
thursday Check if the course is taught on Thursday
wednesday Check if the course is taught on Wednesday.
year Year the student is taking the class. Year is required.
uid Unique ID# of the record.
updated_by User who last modified the record.